Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is Cam'Ron Obsessed With Harry Potter?

Of course he is. Ridiculous question. Here's a verse he wrote in 2011:

The sorcerer’s home
I’m the source of the stone
Crack rocks home grown
I hold the wand
Eat bon bons
With Tom Toms
Genius of love
I’m a genius of hugs
I squash all the bugs
I gotta mean mug
I serve that caramel latte
That Cam latte

I make that starbuck
That money stuff
That money’s rough
Streets rough n stuff
I gotta lotta stuff
She gets a lotta stuffed
That Butterball
You know I ball

I don’t roll with Hufflepuffs
I’m on that Muggle buff
That up and up
That 9 ¾ step
That magic cup
I cook it up
In my Pyrex Potter cup
She got that Ravenclaw
That Haven claw
She scratch n Sniff
I vault her quick

I serv n’ Snape
I slither in
That slippy slidey
Slip n spin
That skip it skin
I boy toy roy roy
Quidditch win
10 points for dementor
I’m da mentor
I’m talking Dumbledore
You dummy bore
Should hit the floor
I’ll get you more
I sort the hats
That fedora sombrero
I’m the top hat
Her bottom’s flat
I can’t do that
Ratatat expelliarme out the flat

Ronald Weasley
Ronald McDonald
Ya mo be there
Michael McDonald
I’ll wrap your snacks
Show up at the drive thru
Castle no hassle
Just hustles and tassles

I run botany class
I plant plants
And she pant pants
Can’t breathe
And she got no pants
Just a note pad
And a tote bag
and I bag n toke
I’ll give her a token
Back to Azkaban
That’s killa’s plan

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