Monday, March 5, 2012

Have You Tried Hot Cocoa? Cocoa has caffeine in it. Also, sugar. Together, synergistic effect of wakefulness. Why do you want me up all night? What have I done to you that we've gone straight from stupid questions to bad ideas?

Tip: It's actually recommended that you not drink caffeine after 12 pm to sleep better. Of course, the paradox is that in being an insomniac, you basically need intravenous caffeine to stay awake throughout a normal day, but this is what "the people" say.

I have a 3 o'clock rule that I know other insomniacs adhere to as well; noon is just asking too much. That's normal-people cutoff.

Also, what is this warm-liquid-as-remedy trend? We've already examined this issue of hot drinks at bedtime.

Honestly, tho, who has hot chocolate before they go to bed?

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